Central Electronic Monitoring System

The Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS) for limited payout machines (gaming machines), was developed for Zonke Monitoring Systems (Pty) Ltd (ZMS) to assist in regulating the gambling industry to monitor gaming machines in The Republic of South Africa. ZMS was appointed as the National CEMS Operator in May 2000. Route Gaming Solutions (Pty) Ltd is responsible for maintaining, supporting and providing technical solutions for the CEMS.

The system meets the requirements of both national and provincial regulations and regulators and complies with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) 1718 parts 2 & 9 technical standards. All hardware and software is tested by BMM Africa and is hosted within a secure data centre.

The CEMS offers a range of features including, security, flexibility, scalability, audibility and usability within the environment. The CEMS was created to allow regulators the ability to centrally monitor and control all gaming machines within the Republic of South Africa.

CEMS functionality includes:

  • Site and organisation management
  • Asset Management
  • Machine movement
  • Machine control
  • Financial and Taxation management
  • User and group level security
  • Licence management
  • Online reporting
  • Analysis functionality

The intellectual property of all hardware and software on the CEMS is owned by Route Gaming Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Site Data Loggers

The Site Data Logger (SDL) is an industrial computer located at each site, it monitors the operations of the gaming machine in real-time.

The SDL-G2 boasts open architecture allowing adaptation to other software and hardware, a custom security board, physical and logical security and an uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS). The SDL can be configured to contain cashless or cash desk and Player Tracking.

Player Tracking

The introduction of a second generation Site Data Logger, the SDL-G2 in 2008 has provided the technological platform for a new product to be developed for the gaming environment namely Player Tracking.

The solution offers players a cashless gaming experience, whilst providing Route Operators with Key Player statistics. Players can securely manage their gaming funds on a smartcard. Information can also be used to determine player trends and behaviors. Operators are now also able to implement loyalty-programming systems to reward players.

One of the key components of the player tracking solution is the SDL User Interface (SDLUI). The SDLUI is a graphical user interface, which allows Site Operators the ability to get a visual overview of real time statuses of operations.

Gaming Protocol Development

ZAP Protocol

The ZAP protocol was designed by Route Gaming Solutions (Pty) Ltd, and specifically for use in the gaming machines and the Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS), in the South African route environment. The protocol features a layered architecture and was designed to reduce the hardware and software requirements of the gaming machines.